Messages of Hope by a Teacher on Derry’s Foyle Bridge

The posted and stack messages of hope on the Foyle Bridge/

A teacher in Derry, Mr. Gary Clarke, was so touched by what people experience emotionally, and observed that while some people need people who they can share their emotions with, others are silent and all they have to do is write. Gary decided to recruit people to design posters across the country and stick the messages, some that read: “You are not your illness.” And another: “When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine.” Among others.

He explained to the BBC most people contact him for his advise from the advancement of the posters. On his Facebook page, people are willing to spread a positive message. He said people should feel free to contact him anyhow to share their problems so that he can inspire and give them hope for tomorrow.

Gary on the Bridge where he posts messages of hope to help many in complicated situations/Belfast Telegraph

Through poster writing, he was able to discover many people with depressions and anxiety are suffering silently in the city. He encouraged them to express their feelings through talking or writing. Gary also approached a mother who contacted him on a note that her son died through suicide a year ago and she was so weak. He helped her place an encouragement post on the bridge to calm her. The woman was strong again and she appreciated the support.

Mr. Gary also learned that young people don’t like talking about their issues because maybe they don’t find their match. This causes their life to end abruptly in drugs and alcohol, even issues like examinations and peer pressure. This is what Gary is doing now, bringing them together, talking to them and giving them hope and encouragement. #Rewordit


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