Meet the Long Time Friends who Recently Married at 50

A deal made by Ron Palmer and Kimberly Dean that if at 50 they'll still be single they'll have to marry. Now, 37 years later, they're tying the knot.

Kimberly Dean and Ron Palmer had made a pact since in high school to be lifelong friends and sweethearts. It was a permanent pact sealed with a kiss and a permanent knot marrying at 50-plus. They recently got married. Palmer was 54 and Dean 51. They were both excited during and after the wedding. They met at school and started dating when Dean was still a freshman and Palmer a senior.

Ron Palmer explained to TODAY how he wanted to go and sow his oats after they broke up with Kimberly in high school and thought he could go and get any girl and start dating again since they were many. Though after breaking up they separated on good terms and remained as friends.

The two friends used to ring up each other whenever something went wrong with their partners, which led to striking a deal between themselves as they were fed up of dating and all the crap surrounding them. They stayed on the move till each one of them was busy with his or her own career.

When they met, they discussed their fields of work and the related benefits. Dean was a local district school teacher while Palmer was an iron-worker. During the discussion, Palmer suggested that he had no one to inherit his work, and Dean, jokingly said, “just leave it to me”.

Both of them had married but divorced. Dean had two kids at the moment but separated from his partner long ago, while Palmer had separated with no kids. Palmer said since they were single and in their 50s, they should try it again. This was it, together again like high school times.

Since from high school, they didn’t stay for more than six months without talking to each other. Time on another hand was running. They forgot quickly that time is everything, and had passed with a big margin. Since they’ve met again, they continued where they left off, now with a different mentality.

Palmer sometimes used to look after Dean’s children, even taking them to camp. He also rescued her son’s pet from death in the cage when Dean was in need of someone to do that.  This was the kind of friendship they had since the beginning, they told TODAY.

On a New Years Eve, Palmer proposed to Dean. On June 1st, they got married in a garden ceremony in front of the waterfall. Dean’s daughter served as the maiden of honor and her son walked her down the aisle. They danced to Reo Speedwagon’s song “Keep on Loving You” at their reception. The weather behaved, the day was so beautiful and gorgeous and the friends were all over to witness and to give support. The environment was overwhelmingly breathtaking and everyone was full of happiness.

Everyone waited for a long time so patiently, and it was worth everything they have gone through side by side. Dean said she wished it had been earlier enough for this to happen, they were meant to be for each other because they loved each other without limits.

Dean’s daughter, Kayla Dean, said the two friends were meant to be that way from the beginning, as they assisted each other in times of flips and flops. “There was no better match for them in the world for either of them”. She told the Star Tribune. It might take years for the true partners to be close to each other, she said in amazement. #Rewordit


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