Meet Stacey Fru – The Inspirational African Child


How 11-year old Stacey Fru handles so much responsibility makes her an epitome of Africa’s pride today and greatness tomorrow. We were celebrating the day of the African child recently and from the long list of phenomenal children I had, Stacey Fru stood out the most. She is a true daughter of Africa – the ‘Gold Mine Continent.’

Stacey is a fun loving and bubbly girl, the second born in a family of four siblings born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. This avid reader and writer surprised her parents when she wrote her first book ‘Smelly Cats’ at age seven. It was published when she was 8 and she won 3 awards for it. This book was approved by the South African Department of Basic Education as suitable for young learners from Early Childhood through to Primary School. This marked the beginning of her long fun-career which has spread arms across her country and beyond her borders.

South Africa’s Youngest Published Award Winning Writer Stacey Fru. Credit/

Let’s take you through her journey of success.

  • She is a writer with three books to her name and several articles and publications.
  • She won Best ECD Publication 2015: Special Mention Category, a prize donated by UNICEF.
  • She won the Young Leader 2016 for her leading motivational and inspirational roles.
  • Got the Academic Achievements and Initiatives 2016 award for her writings at the East Wave Radio Nelson Mandela International Community Day Leadership Award.
  • Stacey was the youngest founding member of the Wits University Center for Multi-lingual Education and Literacy founded in 2016.
  • She was Mail and Guardian Top 200 Young Most Influential South African 2016.
  • She was the finalist for the Gauteng Premier’s Women of Excellence Awards 2018 in The Girl Child Category.
  • Stacey won in the Category of Skills Development and Education in the Gauteng Premier’s 2nd Youth Excellence in Service Awards 2018.
Stacey the Model African Child Writer. Credit/North Eastern Tribune

Stacey is a philanthropist with a passion for the growth of the African Child. This led her to become the youngest Ambassador for Save the Children. She is the CEO of the Stacey Fru Foundation which is dedicated to teaching, motivating, encouraging children through public talks, writings, her television projects, and donations. These are some of her key projects.

  • Know Your Countries: Stacey is committed to educating African children on Pan-Africanism.
  • An African Book A Child: She collects and donates books about Africa to children so that they can learn to appreciate and celebrate Africa and her writers.
  • AfrICAN Children of the Year Awards (November 2018): An award to recognize African children aged 7 to 13 who are contributing positively to their society and to promote Africa to Africans as a continent of choice.

Stacey has an endless list of awards and projects but we applaud her passion and dedication to a good cause. Learn about her books here. May this inspire you to support your children in their efforts and allow them to have their voice. Tomorrow belongs to them and it starts today. #Rewordit


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