US marine, Guido Filippone set up a Go-FundMe page for a fellow veteran he had just met. Filippone served between 2004 and 2008. He was at the Veterans Administration Hospital for an appointment when he met the elderly man, a WWII Vet.

“Now, the heat here in Texas is enough to make anyone feel it and today was no different,” says the Marine. “I didn’t feel concerned because we know how tough our WW2 veterans are, but you never know. So, I asked if I could at least walk with him towards his car… and so we did.”

The WWII veteran named Mike Gazella had been stationed in Germany when the war ended. After learning about Gazella’s high medical costs, he decided to help.

“Medicare covered most of it, but the remnants were up to the VA, and we all know how long that takes,” says Filippone. “As time went on, his medical bills keep coming and he’s trying to work through the red tape.”

“If I had a chequebook, I would have given the money to him right there. I wouldn’t want a World WarII vet to move on to the next phase of life in debt,” Filippone told Fox News.

Gazella refused Filippone’s help initially so he took it up and started a GoFundMe page without Gazella’s knowledge. He had thought of raising about $4,000 in seven days – and he donated the first $1,000. Within 48 hours of creating the page, he had already raised over $13,000. However, Filippone said he needs to track down Gazella because he does not have his contact information.

“I could have easily just walked away and moved on. It’s nice to give back when you can,” Filippone told Fox. “I always say we already have the Greatest Generation—we should be the better generation. Never miss a chance to thank a veteran.” #Rewordit


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