Many Choices for a Senior Student Accepted into 113 Colleges out of 115 Applied for

Ms. Jasmine Harrison

Most of the seniors in High School are left with anxiety in Spring seasons due to not knowing how the outcome of their college searches turnout. In the case of Jasmine Harrison, things were a little different. At the age of 17 attending NC Academy out of Greensboro, she submitted over 100 applications.

The acceptance from 113 Colleges and Universities out of 115 of the applied, was so surprising. Her mother kept and traced all the Scholarship transactions her daughter received which totaled to over $4 million through her excel spreadsheet.

Faced with such a unique opportunity, Ms. Harrison was astonished and was brought to tears of joy over the event.

Ms. Jasmine Harrison. The awarded African American Lady

She used common application tools, one of the function tools used to apply to numerous associations, intensifying the academic credentials to more than 20 schools.

“I felt if I can get into all of these, “what else can I get in,” She said in a convinced manner as she continued to apply to more institutions, getting more and more responses and financial offers. Ms. Harrison is an unprecedented candidate with average grade point of 4.0.

“I could go anywhere, and discover who I am,” she said, in the midst of the many replies and offers she received. She outstretched many learning institutions while afar from her cottage, like Maryland, South Carolina, Florida, Colorado, and so forth. She also used common applications from Black Colleges ranking her academic performance into 53 historically black Nation Universities and Colleges. Others she did individually, by help of North Carolina’s free college application week.

Jasmine attended Bennett College in Greensboro at North Carolina, third largest City in population with over 250,000 people. Her sister attended black college for women. With over $28,000 in annual cost, Ms. Harrison was set, according to Ms. Phyllis Worthy Dawkins, the president of the college.

Her mother, Bravena M. Armstrong, just nearby, wanted her daughter to apply to all colleges in Florida.South Carolina and Seton Hall Universities were the only two institutions that turned down Ms. Harrison. Ms. Armstrong recalled on how they started the process of application in September, lining templates for recommendations and transcripts. They worked even at night, very late, enabling Armstrong to work night shift at Post Office.

With hopes of allowing admission for another student, Jasmine notified admissions that she’d be turning down the offer. Her accomplishments was mentioned by Mr. David Hawkins,  the executive director of admissions.

The counselors urged the students to concentrate more on quality rather then quantity. Stories like these have echoed throughout media. For example, Michael Brown from Lamar High School, was admitted into all 20 colleges that he had applied to, receiving a full scholarship for each one.

Ms. Harrison explained her interest to major in biology, and as a neonatal intensive care unit nurse, inspired by caring women in that section, especially the one who took care of her brother, Zayden.

Jasmine’s experience is remarkable for the simple fact that she as proven the limitations we are able to overcome and the amount of greatness we truly have within us. It’s easy to believe or accept the limitations placed on us by others, but this story truly shows us how truly possible anything can be. #Rewordit


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