Man Rescued from Burning Basement by Saskatoon Police After Fire Crew Delays

Protecting and Serving

Michelle Berg/Saskatoon StarPhoenix/Postmedia Network

Saskatoon fire and police responded to a house fire at 225 Avenue L South in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The police rescued a man from the basement of the burning house. Due to the unforeseen traffic, the fire crew’s trip was slightly delayed.

The police reported that people upstairs were able to escape unscathed but there was hollering from the basement which was filled with smoke. Police Chief, Troy Cooper says that the man was told to go to the nearest window or door where he could be pulled out safely. A witness, Sandi Daniels reported that the man was rescued with only seconds to spare.

“This was an unusual circumstance and I’m proud of the actions of our officers,” Cooper said. “Had there not been someone in medical distress, somebody in really dire circumstance, our officers wouldn’t have risked their lives to save them, but they did.”

The fire was put out shortly after the rescue. Apart from the seriously injured man, five police officers, three detectives and two patrol officers were also rushed to the hospital to get treatment for smoke inhalation.

Cause of the fire is unknown and is currently being investigated with the crews estimating the cost of damages. It’s always amazing to see to what extent one will go when a precious life is at stake. To those that serve and protect#Rewordit 


  1. Miriam,
    Thanks for sharing such an mazing story. It is so unfortunate that the actions of cops these days take away from the works of such brave ones who truly do want to protect and serve. So glad that those souls were saved and given another chance at life.

    • I was just thinking the same thing. My heart goes out to the good policemen and the labels they carry due to a handful of bad apples. It’s not what you wear and carry on the outside. It’s what you wear and carry on the inside. Shout out to all the amazing cops out there.


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