Making a Last Wish Come True: A Wedding Arranged in Just 24 Hours for Dying Fiancée


Paul and Donna had been a couple for 12 years when they found out about her kidney and heart failure. They have been engaged for 9 years and have a son, Kian, also 9 years old. The bad news they were given on April, 2013 was that the woman, 36, had only days to live, maybe weeks. It was that moment when Paul, together with his friends and family, but also the medical staff joined their efforts to organize a wedding in just 24 hours. Although the couple has been engKissing Donnaaged for 9 years, their dream was to have their wedding abroad. However, when they found out about Donna’s medical problems and especially the fact that she didn’t have long, Paul started paperwork and organizing for the wedding right away. “As soon as the doctors told us that Donna didn’t have long left, I went immediately down to the registry office to collect the paperwork and start organizing.”

It seems that everyone helped them: the dress, the flowers, the rings and suits, a buffet were all put together in one day. For Donna this supposed to be a truly special day and in the end, it was. Paul made the impossible to make his fiancée happy. They got married at Leeds General Infirmary. Their son, Kian, was the best man and Laura, Dona’s step sister sang “All of Me” by John Legends.

Unfortunately, Donna passed away six days later. Paul confesses that it didn’t seem fair they could only enjoy a few days to be husband and wife, but he fell over backwards to made those last days as special as possible.

Donna had diabetes and it was on Christmas day 2013 when she went through severe vomiting and she was taken to the hospital only to be released in March. She was subsequently transferred to Leeds General Infirmary when she found out she had terminal kidney and heart failure and that her problems were so severe that death was to come in a matter of days.

Apart from the tragedy known by this family, we can only appreciate the gesture of the husband who managed with the help of friends, family and staff to make the last wish of the dying patient come true.


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