Lewis Hamilton Wins the Azerbaijan Formula 1 Grand Prix After Red Bull and Ferrari Calamity

Adam Hay-nicholls. Lewis Hamilton Celebration after win. Digital image. Metro. N.p., 29 Apr. 2018. Web. 30 Apr. 2018.

The Azerbaijan Formula 1 Grand Prix turned out to be one of the most surprising grand prix in the modern day racing. The race began with the Season leader Sebastian Vettel leading the pack with Lewis Hamilton following him closely. The race was marred with a lot of drama as at some point Red Bull team mates were involved in a collision. The late safety car was introduced into the race because of the crash between the two Red Bulls, when Daniel Ricciardo slammed into the back of team-mate Max Verstappen while trying to pass into the first corner.

Lewis Hamilton was destined to a number 3 finish at this stage when another calamity struck the Ferraris which involved Sebastian Vettel who applied too much braking while turning which damaged his tires thus giving Hamilton the perfect opportunity to Pass him putting him behind his team mate Valtteri Bottas. Drama was not over yet just with a 3 laps to go, Bottas the race leader was involved in an incidence where his car rare tyre blew out ending his race at that unfortunate moment.

Luck seemed to have been on Hamilton’s side when he took control and went ahead to win the race followed closely by Kimi Raikkonen who was followed by Sergio Perez who made the first podium finish for Force India car after several years of racing.  In his speech Lewis said:

“It was really quite an emotional race to be honest,” Hamilton said after the finish. “Valtteri did such an exceptional job and really deserved to have the win, also Sebastian did a great job. It feels a little bit odd to be up here, but I’ve got to take it. I didn’t give up, I kept pushing but an untidy race for me.”

It was Lewis Hamilton’s first win of the season which makes him the leader in the driver standings of the season having 4 points above Sebastian Vettel heading to Spanish Grand Prix to be held in Barcelona in May 2018. The message in never giving up is clear in this outcome because we can clearly measure the work we put in and experience the outcome that causes for a celebration. #Rewordit


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