LeBron James’ Generosity Admits 5,000 Ohio Children Into Cedar Point Amusement Park

Lebron James Wins

LeBron James‘ urge to make a difference in northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball. Thanks to his foundation, thousands of kids were given the opportunity to attend college. But this week 5,000 kids were given free admission to the Cedar Point amusement park, according to TMZ.

This trip to cedar point is taken once a year and encourages the young kids of akron to make their education a priority before stepping foot in  LBJ’s “I Promise” initiative — which paves way for a free college education following high school.

TMZ Sports spoke with a rep from CP, who tells us, “It’s an honor to work with a wonderful, dedicated group of people who provide so much to Northeast Ohio — and we’re happy to provide a ‘Best Day’ experience for their program families here at the park.”

Lebron’s deed shows just how much his hometown relies on him and how much he’s come through for them. He never failed to get involved in his community. Apparently, that was one of his reasons for coming back to the Cavaliers in 2014. In doing so, he was able to win it all for Cleveland, bringing two of his dreams to life.

When your WHY is greater than your obstacle, you have all the motivation in the world to go out there and get the job done. And Lebron James’ urge to put his hometown on the map, meant that nothing would stop him from attaining it. #Rewordit!


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