Kidnapping Case Shocks South Carolina – Communities Must Remain Strong

Todd Kohlhepp, right, is under arrest for allegedly kidnapping Kala Brown

The world may not always be a safe place, but tight and strong communities will most likely help prevent unwanted situations, working as a shield to protect its.

Recently, Todd Kohlhepp, a 45-year-old man from Spartanburg County, South Carolina, has been accused of kidnapping Kala Brown, 30, and Charlie Cover, Kala’s boyfriend. The horrifying story continues to shock and concern people in the state and country. The man chained the woman “like a dog” in a storage container on his 100-acre property, said Chuck Wright, Spartanburg County Sheriff. She was chained and kept isolated since late August until sheriff deputies heard her screaming. Her boyfriend is still missing, and Kohlhepp is suspected of other possible kidnappings.

Todd Kohlhepp’s neighbors, Mr. Rene and Mrs. Marlene Owen are shocked about the woman’s unpleasant story, and of their neighbor’s lack of empathy for other human beings.

Mr. Kohlhepp is a registered sex offender, but his neighbors did not know that. It was only after doing some research on the Internet did Mr. and Mrs. Owen find out about his past. For example, they found that Kohlhepp was convicted of kidnapping in 1987, in Arizona, according to South Carolina’s sex offender registry. Shocked by the case, the old man said, “I have two granddaughters; they come to my house, for a moment I thought, ‘what could have happened?'”

Like Mr. Owen, any parent and grandparent in this world would be concerned with the gravity of the case. And while such tragedy could happen to anyone, it is a must to see the big picture in order to make life safer for ourselves and our loved ones.

Cases alike – some minor, other more aggravating – might have increased in the United States. With each day, while reading the news, the world seems less and less safe. However, we should always distinguish between fiction and reality, between what the media serves us and the truth. This won’t solve problems, but it’s the first step in order to have an unbiased view of regrettable situations.

Besides the needed objectivity, people within a community would do well to take care of themselves. Fine examples of doing this are the deputy who heard the woman banging on the wall of the container, and promptly taking action, and the old couple who started searching information about the man. A strong and united community helps prevent cases of kidnapping, sexual abuse, assault and so on. If Rene and Marlene Owen hadn’t started questioning about their neighbor’s behavior and past, their granddaughters could have been the next victims of a man like Todd Kohlhepp.

A strong community is needed to prevent similar cases. However, besides the need of a strong community, we have to think how we could prevent such characteristics to develop in the first place. Communities not only need to prevent wrong behaviors and doings, but to assure that they nurture the right ones. People who commit crimes have reasons; they have a history, as everybody else in this world. In such situations, the stronger and tighter a community is, the more it can help prevent unwanted behaviors that are rooted in a person since his or her childhood.

Although Todd Kohlhepp had committed serious atrocities, putting entire communities in panic, cases like his teach us that we have to be strong, united, and work together as a whole –not only on particular cases, but to also prevent situations like to from reoccurring.#Rewordit!



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