Iranian women at their first world cup game in the same stadium with men for the first time in 39 years. Credit/The Standard

It’s been a long time coming for Iranian women and the World Cup 2018 surely came with the decades’ long-awaited breakthrough.

It may be recalled that Iran went through an Islamic revolution 39 years ago. That revolution, however, came with disadvantages for the Iranian women. They were barred from sitting in the same environment with men who were not their spouses. Women basically live in isolation. They are not allowed to attend public functions such as football matches. The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran made the decision after complaints by several conservative men gave a lame excuse saying that “sometimes violent environment and foul language is not appropriate for women”.

During the match between Spain and Iran, it went down in history pages as Iranian women were allowed to watch the match in the same stadium as men for the first time since 1979. 39 long years of living in denial sounds unbelievable in this generation, unfortunately, it did happen to the Iranian women but today we celebrate their victory.

The smiles on the faces of the Iranian women at stadium of Azadi. Credit/The Standard

The match was retransmitted on big screens in the local stadium of Azadi in Tehran, the capital city of Iran and Iranian women expressed their joy as they entered the stadium as they took to social media in celebration.

“We are entering!” documentary maker Mina Keshavarz tweeted. “I cried ridiculously,” said Samia, another fan, rejoicing in the moment as she entered the stadium. But she wasn’t the only one, Negar tweeted “I’ve been crying for an hour. In this country, it is difficult to be happy. I’m going back to the stadium.”

Iranian Women at the match. Credit/The Standard

It’s admirable how some courageous women disguised themselves as men in their dressing for the love of the game. According to them, it was the only way that they could have some fun in life. Congratulations Iran and most especially Iranian women! Soccer truly unites us! #Rewordit 


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