Iphone Saved A Man’s Life


The iPhone has become a staple in our daily lives. It helps to remind us of meetings, birthdays, appointments, etc. But for one man, an iPhone proved to be much more.

iphone Christopher Tkacik was lost on a trip in the woods. He was wandering around in Gambrill State Park, northwest of Frederick, Maryland. Christopher Tkacik is a 43 year old lawyer. He lives in Maryland. He had his best friend, his dog named Boo, with him. When he realized he was lost, he dialed the emergency service 911 and the sheriff sent a helicopter. Since he could use his iPhone to find and communicate his exact location, due to Google Maps, he was able to guide the helicopter. He also messages his wife and let her know that he was okay, but lost. He turned on the flashlight of his phone when it turned dark, and the search team saw the light and were able to get to him quickly.After four hours, he returned home safe in Mount Airy around 9:30 and attended a New Year’s Eve party.

His wife Aysem Tkacik told reported that her husband gave her a biography of Steve Jobs and she had just begun to read it. After this incident, she is even more appreciative of Steve Jobs and his work. Tkacik said that he could not imagine what he would have done if he did not have his iPhone. Having a charged phone made a world of difference. He thanked to new modern technology that saved his life.


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