iPhone Introduces Breakthrough Technology: Shatter-proof Sapphire Screens


iPhone has good news for their fans and users. The technology giant is said to be collaborating with the US-based GT Advanced Technologies, whose documents reveal that they have ordered hundreds of furnaces and chamber systems to produce sapphire crystal boules, according to 9to5Mac.

It is expected the boules will be used to produce between 100 million and 200 million smartphone display screens a year. Shattered iPhone screens could be a thing of the past, if these rumours that Apple is looking to harness the properties of scratch-proof sapphire are true.

Sapphires are known to be the second-hardest natural material next to diamonds, and would prove to be a highly resilient screen cover.

Apple currently uses sapphire to protect iPhone camera lenses and TouchID fingerprint sensors but the new tools ordered by the Arizona firm are thought to be for screen covers, which could be introduced into the next generation of iPhones.

This technological advancement will be the first of its kind. Crystals haven’t yet been used this way in the past because of their high prices. Sapphire screens can be cost 10 times more than current scratch-proof screen technology.


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