Impact investment is the new trend attracting the world’s wealthy for benefits associated with it. Business is no longer just about making money. It’s a sector that affects the investors, society, and environment of its operations. This global concern about environmental changes including climate change, Health related issues and the need for humanitarian outreach has caught the eyes of the world’s wealthy and thus creating the need for impact investment.

Toniic is a global investment club for the world’s wealthy comprising of families, foundations and wealthy individuals whose portfolios met or exceeded Toniic’s financial expectations. They are aiming to achieve positive social environmental impact in addition to making a profit through placing capital with companies and organizations that care more and fully exhibit how they benefit the environment and society at large. It is reported that Toniic’s members have a combined $2.8 billion in impact investments across the globe.

A majority said impact investments yielded returns on a par with traditional investments. Toniic’s statistics show that their impact investment has steadily grown by over $1 billion in two years from $1.65 billion in 2016. The 2017 Global Impact Investing Network survey shows that money going into impact investment is rising by about 18% annually and that the market was worth at least $114 billion.

Impact investing is not some minority sport by some hippies on the fringes

Auticon, a British IT consultancy integrates employees with autism into workplaces is a successful impact investment in the Panahpur portfolio. This is a clear example of a caring company. It’s not surprising that Auticon’s shares rose in value recently after it expanded into other countries. “Clear dissatisfaction in the way the economy is going and emerging data around changing ecosystems have woken people up. People are seeing that they can’t carry on like they are,” said James Perry, chief executive of the Panahpur charitable foundation, which has investments worth $5.34 million.

Even though the industry was still in its infancy, Damian Payiatiakis, head of the impact investing at Barclays is confident that it has progressed from the stage of visionary innovators and is now entering the early adopter’s phase. However, it is quite sad that the majority of investors aren’t yet aware of or being offered this opportunity.

The Irish Times

And now, business enthusiasts like you and I ought to pick a leaf from the World’s wealthy. We know the saying, ‘one by one makes a bundle.’ No matter how big or small, it’s the will-power in you. Take on impact investment for a better society and environment-friendly world! #Rewordit


  1. What seems to be a complex concept has been unbundled to become palatable to all, good piece Namulinda…….Kudos


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