How to Make an Incredible Home Bar from Cheap Wood and Pipes

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Reddit / awd55

Having a home bar is for most people a dream come true. Most of us love the idea of having such bar sitting at our homes. We are however discouraged by the high costs that come with putting one up.

Well, Redditor awd55 is one guy who proved that it doesn’t have to leave craters in your pockets building a home bar when he made one out of cheap wood and pipes. His crafty technique of making this bar is bound to take you aback at how easy and cheap it can get.

The following simple steps are an overview on how to go about erecting such a home bar:

  1. The bar top is made of sanded and stained wood bar. To add to its aesthetic beauty, polyurethane coating is added on the top. 

    Reddit / awd55
  2. Black iron piping is then screwed to the slab’s bottom while tightening everything by hand in order to ensure it is sturdy enough.

    Reddit / awd55
  3. More piping is then screwed into the wall and cheap pine boards added prior to mounting the bar. This is necessary for creating great-looking shelving that can bear heavy weights. 

    Reddit / awd55
    Reddit / awd55
  4. Lastly, drywall screws are utilized in attaching the bar to the wall.

    Reddit / awd55

The entire craft’s work look so amazing you’d think you’re actually in a pub! Why don’t you  make one yourself too and ever quench your beer obsession at the comfort of your home! #Rewordit!


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