How Mining Industries are Turning Towards Green Mining Technology

green mining

Mining industry is one of the biggest money-oriented industries of all time worth around $500 Billion and demand still increasing thus pushing the industry to new levels. In order to maintain the financial status reputation, mining industries ought to focus more on reducing environmental impacts and increase the efficiency. Mining sector has recently set up preventive measures to reduce the environmental impact caused due to mining. This has led to many mining industries adopting the green mining ways that involves:

Getting Involved with Eco-Friendly Mining Processes

Use of the mining chemicals should be highly under consideration because most of the chemicals that were being used are highly toxic thus their use should be reduced or done away with. In the same line of thinking, the toxin chemicals should have proper way of deposition in that when they come into contact with the air, water and soil, it largely leads to contamination. This has led to mining companies coming up with ways of reusing these toxic wastes either in their industries or other industries which has helped to reduce pollution.

Implementing the New Technology for the Better Good

Implementation of modern technologies by these companies has helped to keep the vision of green mining alive in such a way that the technologies are useful in protecting the individuals working there and the environment. Some of these technologies include:

Dust Suppression Techniques- DST helps to control the dust that is released into the environment by pre-wetting the areas which are to be blasted by sprinklers or using mist cannons in settling the dust so that it can’t affect the surroundings.

Liquid Membrane Emulsion TechnologyLEM’s is separation technique used to extract useful material from highly toxic or acidic waste produced by the mine and for the transportation of biochemical in the mining field.

Managing Tailing in a Proper MannerTailings consist of radioactive elements hence mining companies should have tailing storages that are impermeable enough and have different sets of layers to prevent the leaking of waste. Moreover, dehydration can also be used to convert tailings into the paste so that the risk of leaking can be reduced further.

Use of Renewable Resources– Industries has started to use renewable sources like wind and solar energy in their production. this will help to eliminate use on non- renewable form of energy and reduce the cost of production due to the availability of these forms of energy.

 Focusing on the Research and Development of Green Technology– Research is a vital tool in the success of any company of institution thus in this case mining Industries should invest more in new innovations of green techs, so it may help to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency. On the other side Governments should provide help without imposing more environmental tax credits and involving itself in research activities with such companies so that there can be elimination of use ways that do not support green mining.

The future is bright on the ‘Green Mining’ concept such that when all the players like the mining industries and the government work together, there will be elimination of use of environmental unfriendly ways in mining process. Green mining provides many benefits to the environment and not only that but also the people that are involved in the mining process in such a way that their health will not be  at risk and working conditions will be safe and effective when ‘Green Mining’ is realized. #Rewordit


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