How Far Can You Get on Kindness? Man Traveling the World on Goodwill


A mission is definitely what Leon Logothetis is on. He is doing the unthinkable, as he attempts to travel the world riding his yellow motorcycle, named Kindness One with the help of the kindness in everyone he comes in contact with. He possesses no food, money, and no shelter. Leon Logothetis is counting on a rare find in others in order to make this whole thing possible.

“It’s all about inspiring other people and being inspired myself,” Logothetis said of his passion project today on “Good Morning America.”

During his stay in Las Vegas, he met a very generous family that provided him with food and a place to sleep.

Back in Nebraska, he met cowboys that allowed him crash at their ranch.

“The American people have been absolutely fantastic,” Logothetis said.
In Pittsburgh, although he’d been rejected twelve tims, Logothetis met Tony. Although a homeless man, Tony managed to share his food and offered to let Logothetis spend the night in his dilapidated garage.

“It was so inspiring, so humbling for me,” Logothetis said. “The people in Pittsburgh hadn’t really helped and he offered man_traveling_the_world_on_goodwillme a place to stay. He gave me food, he gave me some clothes, and he inspired me.”

Logothetis is eager to find out just how kindness can get you.

“I used to be broker in London, sitting behind a desk, working 12 hour days, and it wasn’t for me,” he explained. “Then I went and traveled the world and connected with people. And that’s what it’s all about. That’s where the magic is; connection. Heart to heart.”

It was written in his blog, Logothetis was willing ot board a ship from New York to Europe, speaking that he’d do it as a non-paying passenger. Kindness Rocks!”

He went on to list a tentative itinerary that would witness him traveling to different countries such as France, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Instanbul, India, Bhutan, Cambodia and Vietnam, among other countries.

His entire adventure will be recorded for a TV show. It is the trips purpose to raise awareness about and raise funds for Make a Wish International


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