Airports aren’t exactly the most relaxing places in the world, with the long lines and the seemingly endless security checks one wouldn’t describe an airport experience as fun. Still, nothing beats the convenience of flying and people aren’t about to stop doing it just because they hate airports; that is unless those good scientist hurry up and get those flying cars up and running. So while we wait for technology to catch up to our imagination, airports around the world have come up with a creative way to make the airport experience more enjoyable. The airports are using art to make it all possible.

Most airports come equipped with the usual gift shop and maybe a restaurant or two that are meant to keep you occupied while you wait but more and more airports are adopting a more artsy approach. Major airports have taken to exhibiting works of art in and around the airport premises as a way of diffusing the sterility of airport buildings and providing a much more calming atmosphere. Instead of feeling like you’re walking a large,drab glass and metal building, the exhibits make you feel like you’re walking through an art gallery.

Space Observer Sculpture by Bjorn Schulke

A great example is the Mineta San Jose Airport that  displays a 26-foot tall sculpture called Space Observer‘.The sculpture that was created Bjorn Schulke stands on three legs with propeller arms that hold cameras which are constantly taking live images. It is meant to celebrate the interaction between human beings and technology; a fitting display considering how close the airport is to Silicon Valley. The same trend is repeated in airports in Toronto,Dallas and New York.

The Rijksmuseum inside Amsterdam Schiphol. (Photo: Kat Walsh/flickr)

In some cases airports like the Amsterdam Schiphol have gone as far as hosting full blown art exhibits within the the airport terminal; the airport boasts a satellite installation from the prestigious Rijks Museum. The Espace Musees at the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport hosts a number of art exhibits provided by various museums within the the city. In airport galleries in London Heathrow (The T5 Gallery) and Edinburgh (The Airport Gallery) you can easily purchase a piece of art while you wait for your connecting flight.

These artful distractions not only provide stressed out airport patrons with something gorgeous to look at but they also go a long way in funding several artists and art programs; airports like Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson have spent millions on art installations. The art exhibits also give a taste of the kind of art and culture that the city has to offer. Displaying art in airports is a rather ingenious way of keeping people occupied and relaxed during the long airport procedures and we sure hope that more airports adopt this trend. #Rewordit




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