How Africa can Advance in her Culture and Tradition in the World

Chika Ezeanya-Esiobu on a Powerful TED Talk/ExperimentQ

In Africa, many of the children at a tender age actually don’t go ahead without learning this sentence, ‘A for Apple’. It sounds very funny that most of them don’t even know what an Apple is, especially children from Sub- Saharan Africa.

In most parts of the African continent, Apples appear to be native to growing children in real life situations. This is one of the situations that affect our continent Africa in that we can’t master and explore our own reality.

Now is the time for us to integrate our own indigenous culture and tradition to solve native challenges facing Africa instead of borrowing and fixing the imported ideas and concepts into our heads with little relevance to our environment in Africa. We need to modernize our own culture that seems to be relevant to our own environment and let the rest of the world learn from us too.

Africans have their own indigenous knowledge in almost all the fields of human endeavor from philosophy, medicine, justice, to Agriculture before even the Europeans arrived. Since westernization took over, Africans have embraced it fully and forgot their own heritage and indigenous knowledge that in reality portrays them.

Chika Ezeanya-Esiobu wants Africans to embrace their culture once again and make progress in it. She was talking in a powerful TED Talk where she shared an example of the policy-making and the knowledge in African traditions that are untapped.

This is where he calls the Africans to dignify and validate their reality to make progress. Africa, arise, love yourself, be proud of your uniqueness and embrace the fact that the solutions to challenges have always been in you. It’s time for us to get back to our roots and use that knowledge. Yes, Africa! The power is in you! #Rewordit


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