How a Suicidal Man was Rescued by a Team of Truck Drivers to Safety

Trucks aligned to save a man said to commit suicide /TODAY Show

The man who claimed he wanted to kill himself by jumping over the highway overpass was astonished when he found several obstacles in his way. The creative maneuver was put in place by the police in joint efforts with other 13 track drivers who volunteered to align their tracks under the overpass to slow down the distance force between the ground and overpass, as it was high.

The man had earlier informed the police officers about his intentions to commit suicide and before he could take action the police had already laid a strategy to help save him from death or injury. This polite and honest act went viral across all social media.

The police had also closed up the freeway I-696 at 1 am. on Tuesday in the Detroit area in both directions. So the man was completely out of danger and the only option he had was to come down. The police pleaded with him as he had no option to die. So the man stepped down from the edge and was taken to the hospital, though he was not identified.

The police finally shook each driver’s hand happily thanking them for their support through their trucks formation to help the man. #Rewordit


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