Williams was so honest even when she was called to be awarded her degree at Harvard. She walked majestically carrying her daughter Evelyn in her arms just like she used to race at campus.

She noted the significance of that powerful date May 24th, the graduation date, marching perfect with her age, 24-years and had a series of photos featuring her daughter matching in caps and gowns. She had to post her photos in her inspirational post on an Instagram since it had gone viral.

In the same Instagram post, Williams wrote how she was the anomaly of her marginalized community, how she is a statistic single mom, and she prays for the sake of her baby, she’ll be an example to others. She also included in the post how she went through her labor while taking her final exams, asking for an epidural to relieve her contractions from interfering with family law grade.

Through all the tough times, she still endured and passed her semesters well and had nothing to worry about. Williams now lives in Los Angeles and she’ll be working from there after she landed a job in a large firm in the litigation department.

Living behind the accomplished spotlight bask shining on her feet, she again studied for her bar exam in July. Her emotions and exhaustion she experienced over the last year were well felt and understood by a few people who kept following her posts on Instagram.

Williams was opened up by her own story as it was so inspirational to an extent of posting it on social media, on how she was striving with her baby, staying up all night because of her, all the diapers, she was really striving to raise Evelyn alone, and hopes it will empower some people the same way.

She raised Evelyn through the help of the Harvard community. She did not afford daycare services and so she relied on friends to babysit hence saving money for living expenses.  At times, she had to bring Evelyn to class. This happened after emailing her teachers to allow her to come with Evie to class, and they agreed.

When she was in a bind, she used to live Evie in a particular building full of people she knew she could depend upon. Sometimes when she needed time to focus, and Evie was not calm, she used to take her to the dean of students office. Evie was loved by everybody, so it wasn’t a hard time for her.

Williams hopes she will inspire others as sometimes she thought she will not make it to the end. She says, “There are some things in life that happen to us that are unfortunate but we shouldn’t let external circumstances dictate how we use them to move forward.”

 “Thank you for giving me the strength and courage to be invincible, let’s keep beating all their odds, baby.” This is a post-Williams wrote at the end of her Instagram post as she felt she was left with no choice rather than succeeding for her daughter’s sake. She really loved and thanked her daughter Evelyn very much for giving her that strength and energy to conquer. You too, no matter what you’re facing, you can make it to Harvard or anything you want to achieve if you really want to.#Rewordit


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