Honest Woman Returns $800 & Receives Surprise


A makeup artist residing in Oklahoma did something that restored our faith in humanity and honesty. This young woman, Teriasia Dean, found a Coach purse filled with $800 that had accidentally been dropped in the parking lot of her apartment building. Instead of keeping the money, Dean returned it to it’s rightful owner.

The Okahoma Star quoted her as having said, “It wasn’t my bag. It wasn’t my stuff. That’s not my belongings; Teriasia Dean’s name was not on any of those cards.”

Later on, she revealed to a news channel that that $800 could have made a real impact on her life. Due to some medical complications, Dean had been hospitalized three times in the last year, and was also behind on her rent. In fact, her landlord was threatening to evict her if she couldn’t make the $670 payment. o-TERIASIA-DEAN-facebook

“I’ve always been that ‘never let them see you sweat’ type girl,” Dean said, determined to play it tough.

Her story was so well received by viewers that several called the news station and offered to help, with one man donating $800 in cash for the new hero. Dean was overwhelmed by the support from all the anonymous well wishers.


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