Healthcare Breakthrough Through Exomedicine Exploration in the Zero Gravity

Laboratory On the ISS. image source Space Tango

Exomedicine is the study and exploration of medical solutions in the in the space where there is zero gravity and relays back information that will benefit human health on Earth. The purpose is to advance the field, study, and practice of medicine on Earth through research investigations conducted in the zero-gravity conditions of space which may provide advances in understanding that cannot be achieved on Earth.

“There’s always been some thought that perhaps a significant medical breakthrough could come from space.” Lucas, USA scientist

Through exomedicine, some experiments have been made which have revealed several results back on earth that are helpful in the medical sector like:

In an experiment launched by Tufts University and Space Tango of sending planarian flatworms into space for six weeks to test the regenerative abilities of the worms, which on Earth are able to regenerate if cut into pieces led to a great revelation. After the worms were cut into tails, heads, and midsections, they ran into an instance where the midsection grew two heads, and its offspring also had two heads which is a rare situation which is never seen on earth. This experiment reveals a lot like how regenerative medicine could be of great help on earth with injuries like those to the spinal cord, or with degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s. This could help develop equipment and machines that could be useful in treating such. More so, exomedicine exploration has helped establish how other cells that are found in human beings as cancerous restructure themselves which medical players a reason to do more research on those occurrences to help eliminate those chronic diseases.

It has the ability to develop new treatments or approaches to treating and preventing sickness, and beyond that, it also has implications for a newer generation of scientists, researchers, and doctors who may consider not just studying medicine, but studying space medicine for greater or wide understanding of medicine.

In a wider perspective, exomedicine is a wonderful invention since it will be able to explain some phenomenon back on earth since it will be able to help scientists come up with new inventions to the existing problems in medicine. This will help scientists know how some of the diseases or cells within the human body react while in space and be able to give solutions for those happenings through more medical inventions and medical research information. Hope always seem to lie in areas we are willing to push beyond the boundaries we are capable of breaking through. #Rewordit!


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