Hackers Will Need Another Way After Google Makes Gmail Security Warnings Safer


No longer will hackers be able to hack their way into your Gmail.

This update will better help Gmail’s users to navigate more efficiently through nonauthenticated emails.

Google introduced a couple of new security features that will aim to create a safer platform for their users.

These new changes were brought to light on Wednesday and will benefit all users whether they be on a computer or on their cell phone. Any message that cannot be confirmed will be rejected with a red question mark rather than  profile picture. User can be authenticated through Policy Framework (SPF) records DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM). Gartner, an analyst by the name of Mark Hung had this to share with TechRepublic:

“Malware and phishing continue to be the bane of email users…Although Google’s new security warnings don’t break any new ground from a technology perspective, they serve to help unsuspecting users from malicious attacks.”

Based on Google’s blog post, any messages the users receive concerning unsafe mail will be followed by a warning once the link is clicked on.

TechRepublic reports that Gmail users were able to check the authentication of an email by scrolling down at to the bottom of the email. These emails would then show a “signed-by” header with the domain it was sent from and a “mailed-by” header accompanied by the domain name. This, just so that the information is made easier to access.

Google goes on to add that not all emails that are affected are necessarily dangerous, they’re just using extra cautious in the way they urge us to respond to these emails.

All of these features have all been released this past Wednesday on various web browsers.

It’s amazing to know that Google continues to take measures to protecting its  valuabe customers, helping them create the best experience possible. #Rewordit!


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