Good hearted Young Boy Raises Money to Cover Unpaid School Lunch Bills for Classmates


Cayden Taipalus, a third grader at Challenger Elementary School launched a fundraising campaign to help pay for lunches for those students who didn’t have enough money.

The young boy decided to launch the campaign when he realized that some students at his school had to forgo hot meals because they simply didn’t have the money in their lunch account balances, and decided to do something to help those students in need. The campaign has already created a lot of buzz and has gathered more than $14,800 through an online crowd funding site FundRazr.

The authorities at Howell Public School District said that the district’s policy is to allow students to charge up to $5 on their account before requiring the students to take an alternate lunch of a sandwich, fruit and milk.

Cayden Taipalus_Pays_off_lunch_money_inspiring

“Like a lot of districts, we use accounts where parents add money to their students’ accounts,” Director of Public Relations, Gould said, explaining that parents are notified when their child has a negative balance.

“While that’s happening we work with the parents to resolve that balance,” Gould said. “It’s a relatively rare situation that we don’t make contact with the parents in that window.”

Cayden and his mother constructed a plan to pay off the overdue lunch accounts at his school by returning empty bottles and cans and soliciting donations from friends, family and neighbors. This act of kindness has sparked the attention of many and has since grown into a widespread effort. The local media had been particularly helpful in spreading the news which is how many others expressed their interest to help and contribute to the cause. Sine then, the online campaign has been gaining many followers and contributors. Hundreds of people from around the world have donated over $10,800 to his cause.

Cayden’s mother, Amber Melke-Peters, said that she was very proud of her son’s efforts and  that in addition to paying off balances, her son is adding extra money to each account to help prevent anything like this from happening again.


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