Future Doctors’ Creative Song gets President Kenyatta Humorously Dancing


These Future doctors’ creative song got President Kenyatta humorously dancing along! It must have taken him way back in time to his high school days reminding him of the competition to come up with the best constructive presentation in preparation for the visiting high profile person. These girls did it!

Science students, aka Future Doctors from Kenya High School composed a song about the bones that make up the human body. When the president arrived in what seems to be a science laboratory, the excited girls, dressed in white dust coats had one request; that the president would have dinner with them. As they were showcasing their talent, President Kenyatta was very pleased that he started laughing and dancing along. It’s evident that he has a great sense of humor.

Kenya High.

President Kenyatta was in Kenya High School to lay a foundation stone for the modern kitchen and dining hall complex. He announced that Ksh140 million will be disbursed through the Ministry of Education to complete the modern kitchen and dining hall complex project at the school, in addition to the Ksh50 million that had already been disbursed. The cost of the project has been estimated at Ksh208million.

Isn’t their creativity admirable? And yes, their hard work was indeed rewarded as their request for a dinner was granted. I’m sure it’s almost impossible for a student to forget a song and as we all know, high school is where the music hails. Kudos to you girls! Indeed, there are many ways of making learning enjoyable. Teachers, Students, and seekers of growth…Go forth, Explore them! #Rewordit



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