During her shift on Sunday evening, at Ramblin Jack’s Rib Eye Restaurant in Nepavine, Washington, Michelle Bozeman as a waitress was very surprised by what her coworker whispered to her when she was busy attending to other clients. “Do you realize you got $3,000 tip?’” A co-worker told her, as she continued with her routine as usual. She gazed in unbelief to her friend worker, as they realized long after the couple who tipped her had left.

She was astounded. She shared few words with the couple who happened to be passersby, traveling through town added a $3,000 extra on a $44 bill modest, and living back a note that read, “Thanks for smiling. You work hard and the country is in a bad place.” The couple did not forget to request her on the same note to do something good to someone with the money.

All this happened after the couples asked Michelle who had worked for over 20 years as a waitress about her family, and she briefed them that she is a single mom of three kids, and worked there to support them as she really loved and cared about the family. She also told them how she was on good terms with her coworkers and how she adored her job too.

From the money, Michelle said she’s planning to spoil her seven grandkids ranging from 3-17 years. Also with her workmates, she’s planning to share with them some of the money.

Since she has also been planning for a trip with her friend to Ireland, they have the right chance to do it for they have been planning to do it for a while, but money issues had halted their plans. She really appreciates the generous strangers who left the tip, and she will never forget them for their wonderful deed. Keep doing what you’re good at, your blessing will come. #Rewordit


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