FIU OPens Up Their New Academic Center


Just a few months ago, accessing the most needed answers to your questions would be a journey like no other. Any last minute questions on how to apply for financial assistance, or even registration would be considered a marathon in itself. The good news is, now, only one stop will be necessary.

The four-story building known as the Student Academic Success Center (SASC), dedicated to the new and returning students, introduced itself on August 1.

The SASC building was erected to help simplify the administrative process for the knew students, helping them find all of the help that they need to start their new college life journey under one roof.

“It’s meant to enhance student success,” says John Cal, associate vice president of Facilities Administration. “To make ifeasier to gain access, to learn about FIU to find the right course of study – and to graduate on time.”

It’s meant to be the first place prospective students go to and one of the last places they’ll visit.

The office and departments that were separately located in both Primera Casa and the Graham Center, but now regrouped in SASC :

OneStop (1st floor) – financial aid, registrar and admissions
Student Financial Services (1st floor)
Student Access and Success (2nd floor)
Study Abroad (2nd floor)
International Student and Scholar Services (2nd floor)
Career and Talent Development (3rd floor) – formerly Career Services
Connect4Success (4th floor)
Exploratory Advising Center (4th floor)
First-Year Programs (4th floor)
National Student Exchange (4th floor)
Transfer and Transition Services (4th floor)

Inspiration to All

The building carries a splendid futuristic look, uniquely wrapped in glass and  holds its own on campus, for no other buildings holds its beauty. The architecture and feel gives it its rightful spot while exposing its durability through its massive use of concrete.

Well centered on the first floor is where you’ll find the Welcome Center, allowing the students the opportunity to take care all of their needs in one spot. It even includes a PantherQ system and a myVisit app that gives the students a VIP feel. No more waiting in long lines as the students will now be able to schedule appointments, earning them a fast ride to the counter.

The first floor also includes a two story lecture hall with the sitting capacity of 700, which happens to be the biggest on campus.

The Welcome Center and the lecture hall are combined by an outdoor staircase and an appealing gathering area for the students.

As it appears, the building is covered in more than 90 panels of glass, 129 separate offices, and 5 open classrooms used for educational purposes.

Project director of Goulds Evans the architecture firm, Steve Carpenter, brought the glass as being the most distinctive feature of the building.

“From a design perspective, the thing that is most interesting about it is the window placement and the opening of the windows. ” Carpenter says.

In order to achieve the a fish gills look, the window openings were strategically calculated so that the light would reveal it. It was no accident.

“That’s been based on how a palm frond diffuses light in the natural environment,” Carpenter explains. “Basically we did a lot of sun shade studies to figure out the right proportions of the window treatments as it runs west and east of the building. We believe that the natural day lighting helps infuse life into space. The more light you can bring into the building, it’s just a better environment.”

He continued on revealing the studies done in order to execute the natural lighting with the temperature. It minimized the heat experience in Florida while keeping the temperatures nicely cool.

Luisa Havens, the Vice President of Enrollment Services, states that the building was built to facilitate the live of the students on campus.

“It is going to be a commitment from the institution to provide 360-degree student-centric service,” Havens says. “There is no confusion who we are serving. From the mission to the people to the spaces, this is student-centric in a way that we’ve never operationalized before.”

She went on to add the importance of seeking a higher education. “Meeting students where they are as people is central not only to the efficacy, but the effectiveness of student success strategies.”

The beginning of every experience should always present the likelihood of the intended outcome. #Rewordit!

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