Fighting Child Marriage and FGM from the Village to the Top of the World

Source: Time

Nailantei  is one extraordinary woman who has risen from a village girl in rural Kenya to Time magazines top 100 most influential persons in 2018.

Her journey begins in a tiny Maasai vilage in rural Kenya when she was orpharned. After coming of ageNice , she was to undergo Female genital Mutilation(FGM) as is the norm in her community. She knew that she would be married off if she underwent the “cut” but she escaped so that she would get an education and promised to come back and stand up for the young girls. She cared east if she was cast out of her community.

Nice came back as an adult and negotiated with village elders who Traditionally do not work with women and convinced then that an alternative coming-of-age ceremony would be healthier and better for the community. Her courage won her admiration and respect from the elders  who would have cast her out! instead, the elders gave her a black talking stick becoming the first woman in her community to earn the right to address elders on issues affecting the Masai.

Nice Nalaintei currently a project officer under The African Medical Foundation(AMREF) has saved an estimated 15,000 girls from undergoing the “cut” freeing them from early childhood marriage.

Kudos Nice Nailantei for being the voice of the girl-child in Masailand and beyond and giving hope to the African continent that FGM will be a thing of the past soon. What a woman! We celebrate your well deserved naming in the Times Magazine top 100 most influential persons of 2018. Your sheer determination and courage earned it for you! #Rewordit


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