Father Emails Facebook to See Son’s Facebook Look Back Video


John Berlin released a video on Wednesday as a plea to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, to show him his son Jesse’s Facebook Look Back video, a personalized 62-second clip where the website compiles a user’s biggest Facebook moments in its 10-year history. Jesse aged 21, died January 2012 of natural causes and like all Facebook account his account cannot be accessed without a password. Berlin has said that all the Facebook Look Back video’s he’s seen have been really touching and that it would be really exciting to see Jesse’s as “Jesse is a big part of our life and always will be”. Berlin mentioned in an interview that “Jesse was a great guy, but when I tell you we never fought as a father and son, I mean every word of that.”

Berlin’s video was seen by over two and a half million people on YouTube and also surfaced on Reddit gaining a lot of support and touching a lot of people’s hearts. As a result Facebook contacted Berlin telling him that the plea “moved us to take action” and it took only a day for the network to get back and send the video. Facebook typically disables the accounts of users who have passed away but said  that they would look into Facebook’s policy and change it in a way that will give loved ones the opportunity to memorialize the pages of those who have passed away. Berlin posted on his Facebook account “From the bottom of my heart and everything that I am, I thank you Facebook.” He also said of the situation that “it’s still sinking in, I can’t believe that we can be a part of something changing and help people. It’s not big but it’s big enough.”



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