Father Crabu Shows that Catholic Priests Do More than Just Knowing the Bible

The Catholic Priest Using His Talent in Art to Help the Needy.

Father Franco Crabu stands in front of his sand painting inside his house at Christ the King Catholic Parish in Nanyuki on June 6, 2018. PHOTO| JOSEPH KANYI

Father Crabu has never been to any art school, but you will hardly believe it when you see his art pieces. Take a closer look and you will discover that Father Franco Crabu is not just one of those artists who dabble in art and music.

Serving at Christ the King Catholic Church Nanyuki – Kenya, which is adorned with some of his beautiful works, the Italy born priest is quoted proudly saying, “I have been using my artistic talent to serve the Lord through preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Images and music are my instruments of preaching.” For instance, the piece at the entrance of the church’s art exhibition center reads, “Beauty and Tenderness, the Color of God.”

Father Crabu uses locally-available materials such as grains of sand in his mixed media artworks, spoons and forks that combine to depict a drummer, violinist, footballer, and sculptures that depict a soldier in a parade to immortalize the fruit of his imagination. He does all this in one section of his sitting room as his workshop.

Famous inspiration by artist/Park West Gallery

He has notable pieces conveying special messages. We notice one where a child is snuggling next to a lamb and another piece depicting a scene from the New Testament where a woman of questionable morals anoints the feet of Jesus with oil and uses her long hair to clean the feet of Christ.

Father Crabu in his words, inherited this incredible talent from his late father Architect Constantino Crabu. He started drawing at the age of seven and has gained experience over the years. From drawings to paintings, metal sculptures and wooden frames, Father Crabu does it all. His dedication keeps him working sometimes till midnight.

He christened his project Emmaus, a name derived from the Biblical town to which two of Jesus’ disciples were traveling when they had a revelation about Christ. Through this project, he sells his art pieces in Kenya and in Italy. All proceeds go to helping the destitute and the neglected in the community.

“I intend to raise at least Sh2 million from selling my drawings and sculptures to have the Emmaus Home completed by the end of this year. Unlike the hospice, this will be a temporary home where those who reform through a rehabilitation program will rejoin their families,” he said.

Credit: St. Francis of Assissi

Not only is Father Crabu an artist, but also a musician with 24 music albums to his credit. He has staged live performances of his music in Paris and in Brussels to raise funds for his project. His priesthood responsibilities include prayers and mass, visiting schools to offer prayers and hospital wards to console the hurting.

He has gone the extra mile! It’s not just about the Bible. Your passion, actions, and a caring heart will always distinguish you from the crowd.#Rewordit


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