Faith in Humanity has Been Restored Due to the Actions of a College Football Player’s Lunch Time With an Autistic Student

Lunch With Autistic Kid
via Facebook

While visiting Montford Middle, the team decided to have lunch at the cafeteria. That’s when Rudolph came across a young man by the name of Bo Paske. He was eating all alone when Rudolph asked him if he could join.

Paske is an autistic kid that tends to sit alone at the cafeteria for lunch time.

After sharing lunch with Paske on Tuesday, someone took a picture of the encounter and shared it with Paske’s mom, Leah and it went viral.

She decided to share it with all of her friends and family on Facebook with a message which has been shared almost 10,000 times.

via Facebook
via Facebook

After learning of the attention the pictures had gotten, Travis Rudolph state that he just wanted to help the young kid out.



He found out right before practice and had to hold back tears. Although it seemed like a small gesture, it is one that will be remembered. It comes to show, when you do something from the heart, you can make simple amazing. #Rewordit!

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