Examples of Failures Which Turned Into Success Stories


Can somebody’s failure, or even ours, be an example to follow? Yes, they can be either “Dos” or “Don’ts” because we learn how to grow wiser, stronger after a defeat. The failure comes together with a disappointment, with the fear of starting all over again or with the fear of failing again, with the lack of confidence in ourselves with uncertainty and regrets. These are all normal and are part of us. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. However, the failures may be seen from another perspective, that of a new step towards evolution and to ourselves.

Some people, famous today, have failed or have been discouraged by others, but all of these trained them to succeed.

Here are some examples of failures of some people who became famous eventually.

In the 6th grade, Winston Churchill was a pupil failing to get his remove. He was defeated by his adversaries for each position he was a candidate for, but at 62 he became the prime-minister of Great Britain.

Teachers told Thomas Edison he was “too stupid to learn”. Nevertheless, every night we use the light bulb he invented. Until he invented a functional light bulb, he tried 1000 times, literally.

Steven-SpielbergSteven Spielberg was rejected by the University of Southern California, the university of his dreams, not once, but three times! He gave up school, becoming one of the greatest movie directors of all times.

Charlie Chaplin’s acting performances were rejected by theater managers because they were considered understandably for the public. However, someone trusted him, and Chaplin became the greatest American comedian.

Charles Darwin was considered a bad student. He gave up a medical career in order to become a priest. Once he learnt natural science he found his way, being the author of the theory regarding the evolution of species.

Probably, many will say that these are exceptions and today the fulminating successes based on failures are very rare. However, the truth is that even these days there are people who build their life learning from mistakes. The success comes from the way the failures and discouragements are viewed. If these are perceived as natural steps to take in life, then sooner or later they will lead to fulfilling one’s goals.


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