Ellen DeGeneres’s Oscar Pizza Delivery Guy Receives $1,000 Tip From the TV Presenter


Edgar Martirosyan, the pizza delivery man who delivered three Big Mama’s & Papa’s pizza pies to the 86th Oscar Award ceremony received a whopping $1,000 tip from presenter Ellen DeGeneres.

The young man was completely unaware that he would be delivering pizza onstage to the star studded audience of the Academy Awards when he received the delivery call. According to reports, there were some misgivings that Martirosyan left the Dolby Theater without being given a tip or a reward for his patience and work, however, the rumors were swept aside when DeGeneres invited him on her show “The Ellen Show” on Monday and gave him the $1,000 in cash.

Oscar_pizza_guy_recieves_$1000_tip_from_Ellen deGeneres

She revealed that the money being collected in artist Pharrell’s hat during the award ceremony was for Martirosyan, and thus was not a gimmick. The actors, writers and others alike contributed generously and the total money rounded off to $600, to which Ellen put in her own $400. She also thanked him for delivering the pizzas, and said that she was sure the celebrities enjoyed it.

Martirosyan, while expressing his delight, also said that the delivery was not a pre-planned stunt as the rumors otherwise suggested. He was also completely surprised when he discovered that he would be bringing pizzas straight to Hollywood A list actors such as Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Amy Adams and one of his favorite actresses, Julia Roberts. According to him, he believed this to be just another regular delivery when he received a call to deliver 20 pizzas for the writers and crew of the awards at the famous Dolby Theater. When he reached the theater, he was escorted inside where he was led on stage by the famous TV presenter and actress, Ellen DeGeneres.

The enthusiastic audience helped themselves to the delicious pizza, and seemed to enjoy it as the pictures suggested.


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