There comes a moment in a child’s life that comes when they are required to attend school, which could be a hard moment for any parent as they are essentially letting go of a small bit of their themselves into this world. This responsibility falls on teachers who become a core component of a child’s life.

A teacher’s role is basically to impart knowledge, but that’s not always the most essential one. They become life coaches, role models, counselors, caregivers and ‘parents’ to the children left in their care. Molding young minds is a role only the willing are empowered with. This superpower is what distinguishes some teachers like Brent Walker from their colleagues, a fifth-grade math teacher at Sheehy Elementary School in Tampa, Florida.

Easter is a celebration of life to Christians that celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Mr. Walker, wanting to make the Easter experience extra special and fun for the students, went to the local Wal-Mart to pick up enough plastic Easter eggs for an egg hunt and saw something more special, Easter baskets with chocolates, toys, and candies.

Well, Mr. Walker went to Facebook to see whether any of his friends were willing to sponsor the $10 baskets. Within hours’ time, the contributions came pouring in, reaching $1,200, enough to cover presents for not only his students, but all 3 fifth-grade classes, a total of 63 students. Word went around in the community, and with the assistance of other teachers who also contributed and assisted him, made it possible for him to surprise the students, whom 98% had come from low income households that can’t afford Easter presents.

Easter baskets for 63 fifth-graders offered precious and invaluable expressions of excitement when they came into their homeroom.  Brent Walker offered his gratitude to all that contributed to the Easter baskets and supported the Easter surprise. He believes the surprise will encourage the students to work harder and do their best because they have support from all over the country.

The true meaning of life is not about what you can get our of it, but rather, what you can do within it in order to help someone else. Mr. Walker, along with his supports, did just that. #Rewordit


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