Drinking Baking Soda Could Be the Key to Treating Auto-immune Diseases

An inexpensive way of combating auto-immune diseases.

Source: healthline.com

A daily dose of baking soda could be the new way of helping reduce the destructive inflammation diseases.

A group of scientists at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University published a study involving drinking baking soda. The research team believed that drinking baking soda would cure autoimmune diseases. The team found the first evidence of how baking soda can encourage our spleen to promote an anti-inflammatory environment.  The report has been published in the journal of immunology.

Drinking baking soda, the MCG scientists think, tells the spleen – which is part of the immune system – to go easy on the immune response

The research team, led by Dr. Paul O’Connor, a renal physiologist at the medical school, decided to give baking soda to two cases of test subjects, healthy humans and rats.

When both subjects drank baking soda, the product would trigger both their stomachs and the spleens. While the stomach would generate acid to digest the food, the spleen’s mesothelial cells would reassure the body part that a bacterial infection is not attacking it. The team identified the mesothelial cells as the body’s protectors by covering up essential organs and acts as a wall between them. It was also noted that the spleen, a part of the immune system, acts as the bloodstream’s filter. The scientists wrote that several types of white blood cells are in the organ.

The dosage taken daily for alkalinizing the body’s pH, or for use as an antacid, is one-half to 1 teaspoon of baking soda completely dissolved in at least 4 ounces of water.

It was discovered that, after their subjects drank the baking soda and water mixture for two weeks, the immune cells would change their jobs. The immune cells, known as macrophages, would focus on reducing inflammation instead of promoting it. Macrophages can be found in the spleen, kidneys, and bloodstream, and they are also able to consume dead or injured cells.

“The shift from inflammatory to an anti-inflammatory profile is happening everywhere,” O’Connor says. “We saw it in the kidneys, we saw it in the spleen, now we see it in the peripheral blood.”

He says the shift is likely due to increased conversion of some of the pro-inflammatory cells to anti-inflammatory ones coupled with actual production of more anti-inflammatory macrophages. The scientists also saw a shift in other immune cell types, like more regulatory T cells, which generally drive down the immune response and help keep the immune system from attacking our own tissues. That anti-inflammatory shift was sustained for at least four hours in humans and three days in rats.

“You are not really turning anything off or on, you are just pushing it toward one side by giving an anti-inflammatory stimulus,” O’Connor says, in this case, away from harmful inflammation. “It’s potentially a really safe way to treat inflammatory disease.”

O’Connor hopes drinking baking soda can one day produce similar results for people with autoimmune disease.

Baking soda can also help raise the pH in pools, it is found in antacids and can help clean your teeth and tub. This is a really cheap and inexpensive way of finding a cure for inflammatory diseases. #Rewordit


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