Dr. Andrei Nedostupenko Introduces a “Miracle” Cream for Skin Condition Psoriasis and Eczema


Dr. Andrei Nedostupenko, cardiovascular surgeon and scientist, with great determination, looks to bring relief to all those suffering from two of the most prevalent skin conditions, eczema and psoriasis. As a graduate from Moscow Medical College, he is one of unique students to have become a heart surgeon by the tender age of 25. He spent a number of years as a scientific researcher at Science Research Institute for Cardiovascular Surgery, Academy of Medical Science. He’s dedicated the past ten years in providing consumers with a solution to eczema and psoriasis. From a heart surgeon to a profound interest in dermatology? How did that come about?

The mission of Dr. Nedostupenko started as one inspired by his own personal condition. His chronic hand eczema had been a result of his constant scrubbing for surgery, bringing him discomfort during his surgical procedures. Could you imagine performing delicate surgeries dealing with such symptoms? Well, this was the case for Dr. Nedostupenko.

While visiting his mother, he was reminded of formulas that had been passed on by his great-great-grandfather, which was also a physician, researcher and well-known lecturer. Although Dr. Nedostupenko recollected hearing of people EczeMatestanding in line for his great-great-grandfather’s “miracle” ointment, he doubted the effectiveness due to the lectures he’d previously heard in medical school. He was convinced that modern age doctors knew a lot more than anyone could’ve known from decades before for they’d been told that there was nothing that could obliterate such a condition other than corticosteroids or immunomodulators which would only provide short term symptom results. This would all be confirmed by his dermatology colleagues, while he was searching for new products on the market.

After examining the research, desperate for relief, Dr. Nedostupenko went about producing the formula his great-great-grandfather had written for eczema. It took several months, but he was even more convinced after reviewing the end results. After he gathered all of the proper ingredients, ran test through trial and error, he quickly put the formula to good use as he applied it to his own hands. Soon after applying, the itching seiPsoriaCeasezed. After less than a week, his cracked, bleeding skin on his fingers and hands had completely healed. It was then he understood the extent the people had gone through just to get their hands on this “miracle” ointment.

This major accomplishment had ignited a deeper interest from the formula that was left behind. Dr. Nedostupenko’s next step would focus solely on a formulation for psoriasis, a more difficult skin disorder treatment. After applying this formula on a colleague that had been affected for over 20 years, he was free of scales after only a few days. He then began to see inclusions of normal skin over the proceeding week which had covered 60-70% of his body. This is proof that we are bigger than the box we contain ourselves in and Dr. Andrei Nedostupenko is a testimony of this.

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