Doctor Cycles the Length of Six Continents


We’re accustom to traveling from time to time. Whatever the reason may be, fun and pleasure, or work, it’s rare you hear of someone doing so for the benefit of society. Unheard of! Well if so, not until Steve Fabes came along. As a medical doctor and a cycling enthusiast, Steve was about to embark an amazing journey for just that.

Sir Chris Hoy- triple gold medal winning Olympic cyclist describes him as “Hugely ambitious and inspirational.” Steve started off this journey on the 5th of January 2010 from London. His goal was to cycle the length of six continents,Steve Fabes' Journey which would amount to fives years of traveling 60 countries and cover 50,000 miles. This distance, more or less, equivalent to twice the circumference of the earth.

Steve’s journey was to raise funds for a Merlin medical charity. It is the only specialist UK charity that responds to worldwide medical reliefs affected by political disorder, natural disasters, health system collapse and diseases. He was to trace a route through regions which may be affected by neglected tropical diseases and witness their effect on local populations personally. It was this very neglect that would cause 14 largely infectious diseases to affect 1 billion people, 1/6thh of the world’s population. Six months in, Steve had completed the part of his journey on July 2011, having cycled just over 23,000km from London to Cape Town.

His experience was beautiful as his journey would would produce an abundance of positive stories. Some of them which include:

A knee injury: In Turkey he discovered a swollen and painful left knee, which after scan was discovered as a broken chunk of cartilage. After that he came back to London for surgery and post operation and after two months of physiotherapy he returned back to Istanbul to continue from where he left.

Excessive weight loss: Steve lost 15kgs of weight since Istanbul.

Curious and opportune mix of bedrooms: Aside from the roadside tents, he slept in churches, schools, hospitals, derelict castles and in the shed of a water buffalo and on a crocodile farm.

It was Steve Fabes’ will and determination to raise the money for the Merlin that kept up cycling for thousands of miles. He faced all sorts of hurdles and stoppages on his first bout, but continued on to the next on with the hopes of finishing what he had set out to accomplish.


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