Devoted Chinese Father Carries Disabled Son to School Everyday – A Trip of 18 Miles


A Chinese father who carries his physically disabled son to school everyday – a round trip of 18 miles – will be provided with government funded accommodation after Xukang’s exceptional efforts and love for his child were revealed in local media.

The 40 year old from China’s Sichuan province walks the entire distance while his son is strapped to his back in a specially constructed basket. The young boy, aged 12, suffers from twisted limbs and a hunched back which hinders him from moving and walking properly. Xukang says that he refused to give up on his son even after he couldn’t find a school around his nearby vicinity that would accept him.

“I know that my son is physically disabled, but there is nothing wrong with his mind. However, I couldn’t find any school here with the facilities to accept him and was constantly rejected,” said Inspiring_chinese_father_carries_disabled_sonXukang. “In fact, the only place where I could get a place for him was at the Fengxi Primary School in Fengyi township in Yibin, a county in Sichuan province – which is a five-mile walk away.”

Xukang’s love and dedication can be seen in his utmost determination to give his child the best opportunities and attention that he can. With the lack of transportation available that could take his son to school, he decided to take up the task to carry his son and walk the distance every morning. “I have carried him there and back now since last September, every morning,” He explains. While talking about his son, Xukang’s adoration is admirable. “Despite being 12 he’s just 90 cm tall. But I am proud of the fact that he is already at the top of his class and I know he will achieve great things. My dream is that he will go to college.”

As the inspiring tale rapidly reached the news media and quickly spread all over the country, the local government took action and offered the father a room, all expenses paid for by the authorities, in the near future.


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