Despite the Protests Against Donald Trump What Possible Good Do We Have to Look Forward to


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It has been an interesting year and a half since the presidential ordeal began – when both the Republican and Democratic candidates entered the race for nomination. The most surprising of all was witnessing Donald Trump, not only running for the 2016 presidential, election but also winning the electoral votes after losing the popular votes to Hilary Clinton.

Trump’s victory wasn’t taken lightly. After learning the results, many Americans nationwide took to the streets, protesting against what many consider an unfair election. The protests have lasted over five days now, and many more people continue to voice their views. Following the results, many felt hopeless, for no one could ever imagine such a controversial candidate as the leader and representative of their country. After all, the evidence on record could be a means to understanding such anger and frustration from a nation that prides itself on being great.

After all that has taken place, the question is, what good could possibly come out of all of this? How do we move forward as a nation? Although some of what we know may scare many, what are the things that can possibly help contribute towards the betterment of this nation? Could a business-minded person be beneficial for America? Some believe that the President having success and experience in the private sector matters. It matters because one would have “learned a lot about the way America works.” This should be taken as a sound and fair point. In a country where the market economy dictates success and economic outcome, people who understand the private sector have a lot to offer. Market speculation and anticipation, and knowing how to do business, can be a bonus for any person who enters the oval office as with hopes of “Making America Great Again.”

As history says it, Trump is the third elected president with no political experience and the first billionaire to win the office. Given the president elect’s resume, he has yet to prove himself and although the frustrations of the people may have merit, in order to answer the question “what’s next,” we must allow what’s next to take place.

The disappointment has sparked and opened up a platform for dialogue. More than ever before, many, from all walks of life, have come together for this one cause. To the people, this is not even about just one person: this is about saving America and what it stands for. It’s about moving the country forward in a direction that represents the land. And from the looks of things, the people have shown where the power of this great country truly lies.

Yes, a president has been elected, and, yes, many are unhappy. However, we should remember that the power lies in our voice and our speaking up on the things that matter to everyone in this great nation. The president can create and pass laws, but only the people can take action in doing the things that bring all the beautiful people in this nation together. At the end of the day, it’s not about ‘The People vs. Trump,’ it’s about how we can all come together in making right from all of the confusion that has already taken place. We may not always get the results we desire, but we have the ability to take what we have and make something amazing out of it. The question is, how willing are we to put our differences aside for the sake of something greater than just us? #Rewordit!


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