The office of children’s Affairs sponsors the Summer Food and After School Meals Program. Did I mention these were free meals? The program is administered on the federal level by the USDA- United States Department of Agriculture. The meals are low in fat, preservative free and always accompanied by fresh fruits. The meals include up to 5 food groups and are distributed across Denver.

Denver Public Schools (DPS) students who struggled to pay on their meal account used to get a substitute like a cheese sandwich. This led to students being hungry and embarrassed, critics say. After the successful campaign to offset the lunch debt in the district, Superintendent Tom Boasberg told Colorado Matters that every kid would get a full lunch no matter what.

The city announced that over 60 of their public schools would be serving free meals, both breakfast and lunch. This program was created to ensure that all students who depend on school lunches can still access a nutritious meal when school is out.

“We want to make sure during the summer that every single child has the opportunity to have some food in their bellies,” said Leonard Apocada of the DPS Food and Nutrition Services. “Seeing their smiling faces, it’s… it’s just great. It’s very rewarding,” he added.

Every kid has a different story and in some cases, not filling school forms properly might be the cause or families falling in dire financial straits. The fear in the community is also a leading cause when it comes to the immigrant families. It is very important to note that for children to reach their full potential they must be healthy. Ensuring they are eating healthy meals, getting exercise, being emotionally and socially supported is the most fundamental thing. Similar statewide decisions should be made to ensure that the students grow up celebrating their academic and creative abilities. #Rewordit


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