Defeating Cancer: The Story of an Aged Woman Diagnosed with Breast Cancer


She is 53 years old … an age that for many means retiring, or how to end their activities and start following their dreams, dreams that they may have given up years ago, forced to become “responsible”. She’s a teacher … the type of teacher that would want to share her knowledge with the pupils more than anything. The type of teacher that listens when you have something to say, advises you and encourages you to become better, kinder, stronger. The kids that have been her students are saying it.

She is also a mother. A mother who only needs to hear one’s voice to realize that one is sad, or tired… a mother who went through a lot of difficulties for her children. A reasonable, hardworking mother, one that always has a good word for whoever needs it.

Woman_TeachingTwo years ago she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. After many, many investigations, after hours and days spent in hospitals, waiting for cold and soulless doctors, after painful procedures, she found out: it was cancer. And that wasn’t enough. Her family hoped it was an easy form of cancer, but no, it was the most complicated, the most invasive, with the lowest survival rate, because one could not talk about healing.  The only hope – chemotherapy – has become a routine for almost 2 years.

Last year she discovered metastasis in her internals.  Yet another shock, another set of chemo. The last investigations turned out a bit better. The chemotherapy continues. How long will her body last – nobody knows.

And she went through all of these with a lot of optimism and with dignity. She is still teaching … and goes do the exams she still has to pass,  she is still smiling, makes plans, she stands out against all odds.

She is a true role model. All the difficulties she has gone through have only increased her ambition to succeed. All the things that would have brought other people down, made her stronger. All the tears of her family members have been shadowed by her smile, by her desire of overcoming all the problems.


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