Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger: A True Hero


Not all are born with a silver spoon. There are individuals who have faced all the hardships and still have found a way to create their own unique identity, that of a true hero. And one such person is Daniel Ruettiger, or popularly known as Rudy after the motion picture move “Rudy.” He is a former collegiate football player for the University Notre Dame. For those that have not gotten the chance to watch this inspirational movie, follow as we provide an event worth sharing.

Rudy became very popular when he was selected to be part of Notre Dame Irish’s football team and became the first of only two players in Notre Dame history to ever Rudy-Carried-Off-Field-300x234carried off the field by his teammates for his accomplishments. But very few are aware of the hardships that he faced to achieve what he had always dreamt of. His childhood was like the average kid; he had a tough time in school because he was dyslexic. Dyslexia is a reading disability that happens when the brain does not recognize and process certain symbols. An individual suffering from this particular medical condition generally faces difficulty determining the meaning of a simple sentence, or find it a little hard to recognize written words and various problems.

It’s hard to even imagine the difficulties of bearing such disorder as a youth. As a child, Rudy was bullied by his fellow classmates for being dyslexic. This medical condition even reflected on his grades, making it more difficult for him to get admitted in the University of his dreams (Notre Dame). But that didn’t discourage him or shatter his courage. Rather, he took it as a challenge and after constant effort, he was finally accepted as a student of Notre Rudy the Motivational SpeakerDame University on his fourth attempt. Ruetigger cherished a dream to play for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team. There were, then again, more hurdles that were standing tall in front of him. Rudy being only 5’6” and 165 pounds was considered an undersized player, a thought alone that would crush many on their pursuit to their dreams.

But even then he didn’t give up and worked hard to show his coach the willingness to work as much as needed. He was finally given an opportunity, through his hard earned work, a place on the Notre Dame Scout team. It was in the showdown game against Georgia Tech on November 8, 1975 as defensive end, he proved himself creating history in one of Notre Dame’s most impressive win ever.

He proved that it is ones will that drives them to greatness. It is this very will, dedication, and passion that makes it almost impossible to accept defeat. His dream backed by his works is what earns him a spot as an achiever today. He is now a motivational speaker and continues to bring a ray of hope in all his listeners’ life.


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