Clara Daly was so generous when she showed up on plane to assist the deaf guy in conversation/Newsner

Daly was praised and people, especially the flight attendants were just surprised by how she acted with kindness to a blind and deaf man last week on a cross-country flight to Los Angeles.

This happened when the flight attendants of Alaska Airlines from Boston to Portland called for help from anyone who knew sign language to assist with an onboard passenger. A 15-year-old Clara Daly volunteered to help this man with sign language, and that’s how she entered Tim Cook’s life, and the story went viral.

This act really moved the passengers as they witnessed how she fell on her knees down the aisle next to this man, Cook, assisting him by signs through her palms, and she was like, “it’s not hard, let’s do it!”

As this continued, a lady in the same row, just next to where Mr. Cook was sitting, Lynette Scribner, was so touched in that she took photos of their interaction, and posted it on Facebook. Daly finger-spelled all the words to Mr. Cook, like, “How are you? Are you OK? Do you need anything?” She said. The Facebook post was shared more than 676,000 times.

This act of kindness was so fascinating, how she signed a letter after another, and Scribner wrote everything about this animated conversation on her blog as it happened. The man was very able to read these signs, and even told Daly how beautiful she is, Daly laughed and smiled, as the man was so happy with the ongoing conversation.

The row was so happy with the conversation, many people laughed and smiled, others could say how pleasant it is to get someone who can really take care of another human being.

Daly told KGW that she studied American sign language, and choosing it was because she had dyslexia, and it is the best easiest second language to learn.

She furthermore said that it’s not something special. Helping someone to such an extent, as people think, she keeps doing it as a normal thing. As for Cook, he felt his part of the journey was completely fulfilled.

Daly said the plane she and her mother was to board to Los Angeles had been canceled and so they ended up in Cook’s plane. “Maybe it was meant to be so,” she said.

Cook got off to Portland where he was to be and met a senior provider from where he lives after he had visited his sister from Boston, and Daly with her mother continued to Los Angeles.

The climax relationship between Cook and Daly will never be erased from the minds of passengers like Scribner any time soon.

Scribner marked in her reminder that in these crazy awful times, there is still hope to find someone who is really willing to care about someone else’s weaknesses. #Rewordit


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