Corey Patricks Rewarded for His Diligence and Perseverance

Teen heads for the bus for his graduation Credit: Dee Bee/Facebook.

This teen’s diligence and perseverance in his education have rewarded him handsomely with a brand new car and so much more. 19-year-old Corey Patricks is a student at Tarrant high school in Alabama who for the past year has been waking up at 4:00 a.m every morning to catch a local bus to get to school.

Just before his senior year, his family relocated 10 miles away from his school which meant that he had to endure roughly 90 minutes on the road to school by public transport. However, this distance did not discourage diligent Corey from reaching his goal to graduate with good grades and soon he will major in computer science at University.

“On the day of his graduation, the driver of the bus he regularly took to school thoughtfully took a photo of him on his way to the bus stop in Birmingham and posted it on social media with a quote, “You tell me this ain’t Determination. He got on my bus to go to his Graduation. No one was with him, I pick him in Elyton projects drop him at the crossplex in 5 points sometimes. It’s all in what you want out of life. He didn’t have all the best but he was the best in my eyes. I was so proud of this black young man,” Dee Bee wrote as a caption for the photo.

Amassing 43,000 shares on Facebook, it caught the attention of the famous radio show host realrickeysmiley Rickey Smiley who along with his celebrity friends gifted Corey with a brand new car in recognition of Corey’s dedication, diligence, and perseverance. Today, he’s in celebration mode as it’s all paid off. Besides the new car, he’s received a full scholarship to Jacksonville University and more than $25,000 has been raised for him through a Page that has been created for him. Thank you, Rickey Smiley, for making Corey smile!

Diligence, dedication, determination, perseverance and the zeal to succeed will always pay off. It’s not easy for many, but it’s possible for everybody to achieve success. Learn from Corey! Keep at it. Don’t give up! #Rewordit.


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