They say necessity is the mother of innovation, yes. CoolAir is certainly one of those must-have high tech cooling gadgets to take you through the next super-hot days this summer.

The CoolAir was designed by two Swiss engineers who were fed up with suffering in the hot summers in their winter homes. They have stepped up the game from the cons of traditional Air Conditioners and fans. I mean, let’s face the facts;

  1. They are more or less outdated.
  2. Costly to install, run and maintain.
  3. They are bulky and noisy.
  4. Hard and risky to clean.
  5. They are immovable – just stationery.
  6. Fans are cheaper but simply blow around already hot and dusty air. One can hardly get a good night rest when the air is all stuffy and humid.

It’s time to use a much cheaper alternative to cool yourself in the heat and clean your personal air with the new high tech gadget – CoolAir, an innovative alternative to AC that cools you just the same! It’s a perfect solution for those very hot days and nights if you are looking for portability, price, health benefits and ease of use in one package. It also has different shades of light to enhance your mood at any time.

This ultra-compact, light-weight, portable (no larger than a lunchbox) Air Cooling box uses a very small fraction of the electricity (it can even run on a phone or laptop battery or pocket solar panel) without sacrificing any of the main benefits of a top AC model! It’s tiny, easy to use, and it cools you in seconds!

How does it work?

Simply plug it into a socket supply or any USB port. Next, simply fill up the inbuilt reservoir with 20oz/0.6L of cold tap water. Finally, press the power button and wow! Natural fresh and clean cool, breezy air from CoolAir! So refreshing!

The CoolAir is perfect because…


CoolAir also filters dust and harmful particles out of your air thus improving your overall health, boosting your immune system and shortening your recovery time from sickness. It is like breathing the cleanest Swiss mountain air! CoolAir users have realized that they’re sleeping better than ever and waking up fully rested and rejuvenated.

 Top Tips: 

  1. To make your air even cooler, add a bottle of chilled tap water from your refrigerator or even ice!
  2. For a beautiful relaxing atmosphere, add a few drops of scented essential oils to the water!

    Choose from 7 Soft ‘Mood’ CoolAir light color options for enhanced sleeping!
    Credit/wisedaily savings

You can easily, safely remove and wash your CoolAir filter. It’s recommended that the filter be replaced every six months which can be ordered online for only $10.

And There Is One More Thing. CoolAir costs less than $100. Such a quality item for this price makes us definitely say YES! It’s portable, powerful, effective and affordable. Imagine the amazing sleep and comfort you can get with your CoolAir! #Rewordit


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