Charity to Sell Royal Wedding Souvenirs to Help Windsor Homeless

Items on sale

A Windsor organization that supports homeless people is hoping to take advantage of the much-awaited royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by selling commemorative Prince Harry and Meghan Markle merchandise. The Windsor Charity is marketing its items from a £10 pack of postcards to a £5,000 plate, with all proceeds going to support the Windsor homeless people. Other range of items include a £20 mug, a £15 fridge magnet, a £25 tea towel, a £40 T-shirt and a pack of bunting, also costing £40.

“Every item in this unique commemorative range celebrates the happy union and goes directly towards providing the materials and support to help homeless people in Windsor get back on their feet.” Charity’s website

The sale of these items will benefit greatly the homeless as the proceeds will be used to buy furniture, kitchen appliances, toiletry kits, clean clothes, hot meals and mobile phones and credit and anything that could turn an empty space into a safe home for the homeless.

A large number of well-wishers and tourists that may run into tens of thousands are expected to go to the picturesque town on the banks of the Thames for the May 19th ceremony in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle. The charity urges people all over to show love and support the project in any way that they could so as to help a life off the street.  Murphy James of the Windsor Homeless Project urges the government to improve working standards of its people so as to reduce those who end up on the streets when faced with hardship and setbacks.

“Importantly, it also includes a living wage for the support worker that provides the indispensable guidance and companionship needed to stay on track despite challenges and setbacks.”

At the end of the day, when we work together, we are essentially stronger and when we are stronger there isn’t a limit to the things we are able to accomplish. #Rewordit


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