Centre for Constructive Journalism to Launch this Year


The first of its kind, Centre of Constructive Journalism is about to be launched this year. The centre, which could open as early as the summer, is the productCathrine_Gyldensted_teaching of a collaboration between two of Denmark’s three journalism schools, following the success of The Constructive News Course, which was launched last year.

The centre will act as a platform where constructive journalistic debates will take place. It also plans to use extensive psychological research to help set a more positive global news agenda.

Cathrine Gyldensted, an investigative reporter and Positive News Columnist, who ran the course and is part of the working group pioneering the new center, said the facility will play a major role in driving the constructive news agenda. He said,  “There will be a curriculum for new students and a department for continuous education for more experienced journalists, but research will play an integral role”. Centre’s like these  will educate future journalists and will also help in the transmission of balanced and accurate information.

Gyldensted said that links with commercial news organisations will prove vital in determining the centre’s success. “We’re focused on coming up with valid and durable applications of constructive news, so that it becomes ‘real’ journalism”.


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