Can’t Buy it? Make it: 2 Smart Kenyans Build a Car from an Old Motorbike

Peterson Kagwi and Joram Mawi who made the three wheeled car from a motorcycle. Credit/Kenyan News.

In Nairobi – Kenya, we find two Kenyan friends; Peterson Kagwi and Joram Mawi who developed a three-wheeled car from an old motorbike. According to Mawi, the vehicle is much safer than a two-wheeled motorbike.

The saying “Necessity is the mother of Innovation” is absolutely true in a city where people are looking for alternatives to beat the ever-increasing traffic. These two longtime friends felt concerned when they witnessed women and children getting involved in motorbike accidents on their short distance commutes. They thought, “How can we reduce these accidents?”

So they got down to work aiming to design an automobile with more safety features that would provide the much-needed alternative. The result turned out to be a unique three-wheeled car! We always say that two heads are better than one, right? This has come in handy for these two friends as they rely on each other’s strengths to pull resources and achieve success.

The three-wheeled car made from an old motorcycle. Credit/Tuko

Mawi grew up working with his father who was a mechanic from whom he learned the basics of a car. He chanced to enter an engineering class for only two weeks after which his sponsors discontinued the sponsorship because they preferred medicine to engineering.

Call it innovation! They made a manual three-wheeled car from an old motorbike, especially for short distance commute. It runs on a 125cc motorcycle engine that takes you through a range of 40-60Km/hr. The body is made from lightweight metal and weighs approximately 250Kg. It cost them close to $2500 over a period of three months to get it up and running. The enjoyable ride is already insured and offering services already. See how far they have come in their quest for success.

The duo believes that it is a progressive journey they have embarked on and are targeting to sell their vehicles. They’ve already received requests for quotations from prospective clients. They are also planning to empower the youth through training and inspiration. It is said that everyone has a brain but what are you doing with yours? If you can’t buy it, make it! #Rewordit



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