Can Artificial Intelligence Possibly Be Your Next Personal Assistant?

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Artificial Intelligence is the development of computer systems that are able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, learning, and decision-making. With the development of internet and mobile technologies, nanotechnology, electronics, advances in health and medicine, digital applications this has led to study and development of AI. AI study and development has begun to see its impacts in the modern era as its implementation is widespread as at now. Ralph Haupter, the president of Microsoft Asia, agrees with this statement as he says: “I believe 2018 is the year that this will start to become mainstream, to begin to impact many aspects of our lives in a truly ubiquitous and meaningful way.”

The development of artificial intelligence will be a huge success in the coming decades as its effects are being realized as at now. This technology will cut across several sectors in life that includes:

It will be a little easier for daily activities and routines to be undertaken as the AI tech will act as personal assistants talk of house chores, office work, and other daily manual activities. Alejandro Troccoli, a senior NVIDIA research assistant says:

“My AI knows what I like, what I have in my pantry, which days of the week I like to cook at home, and makes sure that when I get back from work all my groceries are waiting at my doorstep, ready for me to prepare that delicious meal I had been craving.”

There will be a huge realization of AI in medicine as the systems will be able to help in medical research, daily hospital operations and medical treatment especially surgeries due to its ability to learn and implement the given instructions. As Mark Michalski points out:

“In 2018, we’ll begin the adoption of a technology that may truly transform the way providers work, and the way patients experience healthcare, on a global scale.” 

Large-scale industrial use of AI will be effective in the near future after this developments and implementations which will aid in production because such technology will ease processes and operations in these industries which will give people energy to get focus on getting best results.

AI development and implementation is the future of things in the coming years as it will be useful in aiding the existing operations that might be difficult or the daily routine operations from home use, office use and large-scale industrial use. Another great testament to the power of the human mind and its capabilities when stretched. #Rewordit


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